6 Days of Manufacturing Index Changes

The color shift indicates that manufacturing is spreading out and the landscape is starting to adjust to new levels.  67 systems have gone up more than 1% and 21 are down more than 1%.

Here’s a snapshot of the top 50 systems.


5 Comments on “6 Days of Manufacturing Index Changes”

  1. MoxNix says:

    It’d be interesting to see a regional breakdown.

    Is manufacturing staying the same, growing or shrinking in different regions?

    And is it consolidating to certain systems within the same region or spreading out to more systems?

    • Blake says:

      Good questions. I’ll work on this.

    • Valkyr Xulle says:

      I went from having 3 freighters building at once to not running a single job since the patch, I’m sure im not alone on this.

  2. Siggy says:

    How is Amarr not in the top 50?!

  3. […] der die Systemindizes für Industrie in den Systemen in New Eden bereitstellt. Auf der Fansite K162 Space ist eine lesenswerte Übersicht der Änderung dieser Indizes im Zeitraum von sechs Tagen. Schaut […]

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