Initial Manufacturing Index Changes

Looking at a 24 hour range in the manufacturing index data, it looks like people have started to move out of major manufacturing centers as the top 50 list has showing a drop across the board.


Here is a look at the biggest changes in the one day period. There has been a large amount of increase in many differing systems also indicating that manufacturing is spreading out.


3 Comments on “Initial Manufacturing Index Changes”

  1. are the changes not just, as CCP said, volatility due to the systems starting with a 0 index across the board?

    • Blake says:

      I actually don’t know. I can’t find anything that states how the initial index values were calculated.

  2. sales alt says:

    this is something that would be interesting if was charted over time.

    personally im watching people go fucking mental over all of this, while i’ve set myself up in a nice low-moon no-station pocket 🙂

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