CCP Greyscale Comments on Tech 2 BPOs

We got hit with two industry Devblogs today as it looks like CCP is going to try to publish all six industry related blogs before Fanfest. On page 9 for the comments for the Researching, the Future post, CCP Greyscale made a comment on how much Tech 2 BPOs dominate the market.

Right, Mastadon, Claymore, Claw etc are BPO-dominated, so in practice all this means is more throughput and (presumably) cheaper prices.

Huginn and Muninn are in the area of concern, where we might end up warping the market a little.

Broadsword’s not a concern because it was released in Trinity (winter 2007) and to the best of my knowledge we stopped putting new ship BPOs into the lottery in Revelations 1 (winter 2006). If that market’s uncompetitive, it’s because of your fellow inventors, not BPO owners 🙂

CCP Greyscale source

This adds a little more information from what we got out of CCP Diagoras before he left CCP that I covered in my Percentage of Items from Invention vs Tech 2 BPOs post.

3 Comments on “CCP Greyscale Comments on Tech 2 BPOs”

  1. How does the math work for cap blueprint ME?

    • Badly, and it’s going to be bad no matter what they do.

      The way things will work in the future is nice and makes a lot of sense, but there’s going to be pain in the meantime.

      They’re trying to change to a more sensible system while trying to transition peoples legacy BPs as much as possible, which is laudable, but you’re going to disadvantage at least some group of manufacturers along the way.

      The gist of things is that that the ME level reduces waste % system is being scrapped, instead there will be a base material requirement and a material reduction percentage.
      Instead they’ll have
      1) a new base material requirement corresponding to the old perfect materials * 10/9. This will be the material requirements for a new ME of 0%.
      2) ME% will increase in steps of 1% up to the maximum ME of 10%. At that level the materials required will be 90% of the base materials which would be equivalent to the old perfect materials (although subject to rounding).
      3) The base research time for increasing the new ME% will be on a skill like curve with ME% of 10 corresponding to the skill of 5.
      4) Old ME level based blueprints will be somehow transitioned to the new system. This is actually hard because a transition based on the new requirements doesn’t match up well with a transition based on research time, and in either case you have to transition a plethora of ME levels to only about 5-6 percentage bins (as in either scheme there is no old ME level corresponding to a 1%-4% reduction).

  2. Amari says:

    mmmm – that would explain why those Muninn prices keep falling. I have two nice blueprints for Muninns that were just profitable when I invented them, and now aren’t. Also explains why Claws aren’t worth the bother for inventors.

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