Optimal Heavy Industry Production Cycle


Our Heavy Industry branch has been increasing in capacity over the past three months and we’ve reached a point where we now have an established, balanced cycle.

This balance comes from many factors including the amount of compression or ship BPOs we own, ISK velocity coming in from purchases or sales, and time needed to haul or compress materials. Too much or too little of either factor and our porridge is no longer ‘just right’.

Production Cycle

The optimal cycle we have found settles is around 18 days. With every cycle we are consuming around 12-13 B ISK worth of materials in order to keep our BPOs busy.


With the aid of the DRK Industrial Tracker, we can easily see how long it takes to compress, build component parts, and finally build the capital hulls in a easy to read visual timeline. If you produce items and need a solution for tracking materials, quotes, projects, and sales I highly recommend this product.



As the amount of time put into daily trading slowed down towards the 2012 holiday season, I put the direction of the Heavy Industry branch in the hands of Raath (@staticmapper), my partner. The operation started to get its legs in December and the results are apparent.


3 Comments on “Optimal Heavy Industry Production Cycle”

  1. Vqu says:

    Since you seem to know this tool really well maybe you could give me a hint here.

    I use this to run my corporation. When I create a project and wish to add resources to it, can I choose “assets” and the corporation assets which will give me a list of what I have in my corp hangar. However I can’t seem to find the option to choose the materials in list and add it to the project.

    • raath says:

      That bit is broken at the moment. It’s high on my todo list. In fact I’m going to spend some time over the next few days to make sure this does get done. If you have any problems feel free to message me ingame. I’m always happy to aid people looking to get the most out of the site

  2. […] kinks have been worked out over the past few months. Given that we’ve nailed down a solid production cycle, we know what we are going to be spending in minerals every few […]

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