War Declaration Profession

Our Highsec industrial operation had a minor setback last week as we logged on after a few days out of game to discover an active and then closed war declaration.


We had a Highsec POS setup a few jumps out from Jita and it looks like we were targeted by a group of people looking to clear our tower. It seems that there is a profession out there where you hop corporations clearing POSes from Highsec.

After researching their activity on Eve Who, Eve-Kill, and strike pattern on Dotlan, I haven’t found any reason that we were specifically targeted besides our proximity to Jita. I’ve also been unable to link a sale of a open Highsec moon on the forums to them.


Always remember to write off the cost of a POS as soon as you purchase it. Assume you will not be recovering it as random acts like this can happen at any time.

Nothing of value besides the POS and modules was lost as all BPOs were kept in the Corporation office in a station and researched remotely.

12 Comments on “War Declaration Profession”

  1. Durrr says:

    Do blueprints have to be in a station in the same system, or is a system a jump or two away fine?

  2. Xurr says:

    If you don’t mind me asking I’m somewhat interested in the size and make up of your POS.

    I’ve got a large with ecm/resists on it not far from jita. I just can’t imagine grinding down 100mil hit points or more. Was this just a few attackers or like 20+?

    • raath says:

      I think that was part of our problem. Id simply put up a medium tower with 7 mobile labs, 1 advanced lab and 1 corp hangar. No defence, hardners or anything so this probably contributed to the wardec greatly. Easy pickings. That and no stront didn’t help a great deal.

      Having learned from my lesson I’ve bought another medium tower but this time I’ve made sure I have a good range of defences.
      I’ve gone heavy on ECM/e-war but also plenty of gun batteries so I can turn on what I need depending on what they throw at me. And with the new notifications update on the industry tracker (https://drkindustry.wordpress.com/2013/02/07/notifications-by-email-dont-get-caught-with-your-pants-down/), any wardecs made against us will be mailed right through so we can get online and be there when the dec takes off and turn on what we need to make their life as hard as possible.

  3. Surloc says:

    Possibly they were hoping for drops which I wouldn’t expect from a HS research POS. It looks like me these guys are an example of what is wrong with wardecs. They dec corps with a series of corps, and jump into corp only when they have an easy target. You couldn’t fight them if you tried as they’ll be in another corp the next day if you stop being easy kills, and be back in a few days when you let your guard down.

    • Stabs says:

      As they’re professionals it might have been worth hiring a merc corp to defend the timer. If, say, Noir joined your war these guys probably wouldn’t even come to the timer but would instead but your moon on their Do Not Fuck With list. As it is not only have you lost the moon but if you tower another moon they’re quite possibly going to come for it.

  4. IO says:

    Did you have any defenses on your POS?

  5. Maybe they somehow noticed that their weren’t any Defenses on the POS and it was at that point that they Wardec and shot down the POS. I’m sure otherwise they likely would not have messed with it.

    The few that I know that shoot Towers via Wardec mostly just shoot Dead Towers not live active ones with defenses up.

    One question I did had though is in the case that the Tower was blown up and the BPO returned to the station of input do they get returned back having not completed their intended research at the ME/PE level of original input for that job? As i’m assuming they not likely to have some partial ME/PE for unfinished research.

  6. HARD STEEL says:

    http://themittani.com/features/taking-high-sec-pos-location – was it this play you think? the corp jumping makes me think so.

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