Delve Financial Warfare

After I get home from work and eat dinner, I usually only have around an hour a night that I can dedicate to Eve. This open hour doesn’t give me a lot of time to participate in any of the large TEST fleets so I am going to help out the war in a different way. In addition to the spaceship war, I am going to launch a fiancial war on the current residents of Delve, Querious, and Period Basis.

One of my trading alts is going to fly around and mess up the markets. I’m going to polish off his skills so I can have region-wide abilities to buy, sell, and modify prices.

Here are some rough goals:

  1. Drive up the prices of doctrine items
  2. Buy out stocks of ships, ammo, guns, and fuel
  3. Undercut to drive out logistical people that stock markets

I’m going to start with 31B in funds and possibly scale up to 50B depending on how successful this becomes.

I have never done any type of mass manipulation on this scale so there is a high risk that it will not be successful. I will try to document any significant advancements in my campaign here so stay tuned.


5 Comments on “Delve Financial Warfare”

  1. That market trader doesn’t have any Aurum. Can he afford pants? I hope he can not.

  2. Frederick LeBomb says:

    “I’m going to start with 31B in funds and possibly scale up to 50B”

    lol, good luck with making any noticeable difference at all 🙂

  3. Kallaystra says:

    Markets? I don’t buy off the stinking markets. I buy off of our suppliers via corp contracts.

  4. Paxx says:

    This is awesome. Good luck!

  5. Santiago says:

    Lol. I did excactly the same in 319. Went in with an alt and a 15b bankroll. Went out when we moved back home with 28 and got about 1600 rocket launchers II + a couple of caps/random stuff that has been paid for by Soco. Thanks guys!

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