Jita Implant Manipulation

Some trader or group of traders have been driving up the cost of implants in Jita. All 5 implant types (Cybernetic, Memory, Neural, Ocular, and Social) for all three tiers (Basic, Standard, and Improved) have been heavily manipulated since the weekend.

If you look at the price history, it seems that a lot of people have noticed and are trying to hold out.  No movement was recorded for April 03 across the board for all 5 implant types AND for all three tiers. Wow, this upward pressure takes some serious capital and diligence.

Across the board, the trend is quite visible. Right now there are only 31 Memory Basic implants on the Jita market at 13.89 M.

I wonder how long this attempt will last as implants are easy to acquire from LP.

2 Comments on “Jita Implant Manipulation”

  1. Bede says:

    first im going to say, ccp has been culling botters & rmt’s and there various accounts. its possible they pulled those market orders to take those proceeds from specific accounts out of the system.
    Im not to sure how the graphs react to delisting of market items,

    most people i know dont actually grind lp to create implants to sell for other people, Occasionally we will do it, but for the majority they only do it for the implants they need.

    mission rewards and such implants will typically get sold.

    lastly implants has pretty much always been one of the better performing lp-Item returns after faction ammo.

    anything requiring tags is just down right horrendous atm.

    • Tarsas Phage says:

      I’m with Bede on this, as I think that learning implant stocks are primarily sourced from empire courier mission bots.

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