Community Shout-Outs

What sources of player produced content have you been finding really entertaining? Here are a some shout-outs to my favorites over the past few months.

  1. Voices from the Void Podcast [link]. The majority of the Eve podcasts have fallen into obscurity or undergone major changes. Voices continues to deliver fresh, hilariousness content with dynamic hosts. Listening to them on Monday helps the day move by faster.
  2. JonnyPew’s guides [youtube]. Cleanly edited video guides on Exploration which have expanded into bot hunting have inspired me to go Cloakey and find fresh targets.
  3. The Alturist [link]. This PVP-centric blog is full of very technical information. The “Know Your Enemy” series describes in detail a ship class and how they are used in PVP scenarios. For an industry and trading focused person, this blog offers insight into a different area of Eve.
  4. Eve-fail [link]. Fellow industry and spreadsheet aficionado discloses his methods and bottom line profits for large projects.
  5. Jester’s Trek [link]. If you need to remain up to date on anything Eve related, this man has you covered. Any news, gossip, fits, or drama will be covered by this robo-blogger within a few minutes of happening.
  6. CCP Punkturis [twitter]. Best troll and very active UI programmer that interacts with the #tweetfleet community.

5 Comments on “Community Shout-Outs”

  1. kkodachi says:

    The Alturist, not the Antitrust LOL

  2. Abbadon21 says:

    +1 to Johnnypew

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