2011 Trading and Industry Report

This post serves as an expansion on the 2011 Trading and Industry Reflection post where I outline some of the high level items that brought success to my efforts in 2011. After some further database work, I created a page that shows items in groups on a more granular level.

Q: How was your list created?

I spent a lot of time looking at items that are consumed for mission runners, PVP, and nullsec fleet doctrines.

Q: I might want to take a stab at creating a report of my own. How did you create this page?

All the items have been manually entered into an array.

'12773', //Barrage M
'191',//Fusion M
'193',// EMP M

The array is then used in a very non-optimized query to produce volume and profit numbers over the past 365 days.

$eveDate = $this->getEveTimeSql();
$sql = ('SELECT typeID, typeName, sum( profit ) AS totalProfit, sum( quantity ) AS totalVolume
				FROM wallet
				WHERE DATE( transactionDateTime ) > DATE_SUB( DATE( :eveDate ), INTERVAL 365
				DAY )
				AND personal = 0
				AND transactionType = "sell"
				AND typeID = :typeID
				GROUP BY typeID
				ORDER BY totalProfit DESC');

956 x 2993 report page:

Q: What happened with the Improved Cloaking Device II?

I fat fingered the sell price and was off by a power. Whoops.

Q: Surprises or unexpected trends?

I was completely floored by the amount of Capital Shield Transports that I was able to move in 2011. The new Tier3 BCs did not sell as well as I expected.

Q: Why didn’t you trade xxx or yyy?

There are still a lot of markets that I need to test out.

If you have any more questions, please ask!

3 Comments on “2011 Trading and Industry Report”

  1. KanoTakada says:

    Looks like a good Market Setup.

    Im guessing you made the tracker/spreadsheet yourself?

  2. In a previous post Blake outlined how he created the tool on the screenshot together with a friend.

    My question is similar though, what tools to do you recommend when you don’t have the time/knowledge to write your own?

    Of course (Google) Excel sheets work but when it comes to continually updating those it does so in a very modest way. Something with API access the least, preferrably a clientside app instead of a website service.

    I currently use N.E.A.T. accounting tool and speculate if I should use the “pro” option (paid by isk). Any other suggestions would be welcome!

  3. […] the #tweetfleet [post]. Used a custom database and wallet manager to track and report on profits [post]. Moon reactions [post]. Funded massive nullsec wars from the Industry standpoint [post]. Worked […]

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