Crucible Deployment

Over the past few days, I gave up on Tranquility and have been playing on Singularity. The new features and changes were just too exciting and Tranquility started to feel like a rusty Minmatar barge. While testing out the new cyno/jump graphics, I saw CCP Habakuk in local and wished him luck with the deployment.

I’m too young to remember the boot.ini fiasco, but I do remember some long, drawn-out deployments for some of the ones over the past 2 years. I have to say that CCP did a great job with this deployment. They took note of some of our ramblings from the last deployment and CCP Navigator even notified us about potential issues before it was released. I for one welcome our new proactive and not reactive overlords!

The #tweetfleet has been blowing up with nothing but praise and excitement and the Devblog from CCP Soundwave was just the icing on the cake! Great job CCP, now… on to the Summer expansion wish list.

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