TTP: Time to Pony

TTP, abbreviation for time to pony
1. The time it takes for items in game to degrade into Ponies.

Following the directions in the latest devblog, which officially states that we can add videos to our Captain’s Quarters, I converted a highres version of a Test Alliance’s  “Lasers are Magic” video into a .BIK file and placed in my cache folder.

28 minutes for my TTP. This number included time to enable my Captain’s Quarters, which has been disabled because I can’t run my three clients without my GPU fan going into overdrive. ಠ_ಠ

Transcoding the video increased the file size by 64.5% so make room for all your new videos.

3 Comments on “TTP: Time to Pony”

  1. Ty Delaney says:

    I did the exact same thing with the exact same video, last night.

    Then I remembered that all my characters are in wormhole space…

  2. Michael Smith says:

    @Blake: Awesome!

    @Ty Delaney: too funny!

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