Market PVP

One of the popular items that I sell has been slowly dropping in price due to an influx of new traders. The Jita average is about 58-59 M. Over the week, the price slowly fell below Jita prices to around 57 M.

Buyout time! I dropped 619 M and bought up the stock that was below Jita prices and reset the price to 65 M.

I’m making about 8 M per unit so I expect about 88 M of profit for all of the units. My advice to traders is to not be afraid to sink money into an item and reset the price. If there is sufficient movement, do it.

3 Comments on “Market PVP”

  1. Mabrick says:

    Well played sir. – Mabrick

  2. theNox says:

    yeah it’s always the “if there is sufficient movement” that makes me not do such a deal 🙂

  3. Gilbert Hamilton says:

    I would love to do that, or even more market work. Especially since it seems like, with skill queues set, something you can do with the two other characters on an account. (Along with PI.)

    However, I never really know what items to focus on and that lack of focus makes me falter after a few days or a week or two.

    I do keep spreadsheets, though, and sometimes that helps. I guess it’s just try-try-try.


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