Hello up there?

So, Incursion came out yesterday or so and I’ve been spending all the time since then just playing with the new character editor, which was a pure shining interface of beauty surpassing The Sims in anything it ever aspired to be.

Oh wait.

So, Incursion is not out on the day CCP chiseled in stone on the wall of the Vatican that it would come out.

Wait, no, I’m thinking of some other mandate.

So Incursion is not out on the day that CCP said that it would come out. In hindsight we probably should have expected this from the lack of an Eve trailer. I tried to make my own by staring at the show info screen of a nightmare and spinning it around a few times, but instead of the elation that usually comes with a new trailer all that I got was soft weeping.

So CCP has accidentally projected a deadline and not met it. I think this is a good thing.

Admitted, I want a sansha mothership NAO, but… every six months?

Really? Is that enough time? To maintain a grand scale MMO, shitloads of electronics and programs and mechanics, not knowing if any tiny change you make to a single line will fuck everything up or not, while all the while people your living depends on complains about almost literally everything you do and don’t do.

Good expansions take time and thought. I’m not saying that the expanions that a few some a couple most people didn’t like didn’t take time. They just didn’t work for some reason.

Fecked if I know why, I’m in the wrong major for that.

But anywho, CCP is spending more time on an expansion instead of releasing it on time early. And since they’re not actually CHARGING for this thing, there’s no marketing pressure to release before christmas.

So, CCP, I’m going to tag this post with as many Eve Tags as possible to try and get your attention probably just tweet fallout to say this:

“Take as much time as you have to, please don’t break anything.”

“P.S. more trailers”

7 Comments on “Hello up there?”

  1. Try as I might, I could not find anywhere an actual release date for Incursions anywhere. So technicially, not late. šŸ˜›

    • miningzen says:

      TECHNICALLY 6 months from Tyrannis is the tenth of November, but I assure you that through most of october I was staring at a big shiny “Nov 7 release date” thing on the eve gate website. I’ll keep looking.

  2. CrazyKinux says:

    As I read that first paragraph of yours, I was telling myself “What, what, what! Incursion was released yesterday? WTF!!” Then I read some more.

    I don’t recall CCP telling us a specific drop date for Incursion, other than that PowerPoint presentation!

    Let’s hope we don’t have to wait until Xmas. But to be honest though, I don’t mind waiting until the expansion is ready and bug-free


  3. mandrill says:

    I don’t recall there being an announced date either. And its not looking hopeful for a November release TBH

  4. Yeah, you had me going for a minute there too!

    Great blog, man! I’m looking forward to future posts! I’m really curious about wormhole life. Great job with your previous trading post too. Some great information there!

    I’ve added your blog to my “Blogs Followed” gadget on my own blog. I was wondering if you’d return the favor? My blog is focused toward the new EVE player. It’s at Eve A to Z I hope you find it to be of high quality.

  5. Jufita says:

    I found this info regarding release dates – yes… “DATES”.


    Looks like they are actually taking the time to try and make things work as intended…

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