No Country For Old Men

He seems like a nice man.

It was a harrowing end of the week.

I awoke Friday morning to an email to the effect of:

The POS has been attacked, and is sitting in reinforced. Somebody said they have a plan?

As it so often happens, the full story is slightly more complex, but only slightly. While pulling some ore from one of our remaining grav sites, a couple of our miners had gotten surprised by a handful of hostiles. Both were melted pretty quickly and sent packing back to empire by way of a swift podding. The band of hostiles, who had entered the system though a new K162, proceeded then to our POS and after about 3 hours, sent it into reinforced mode.

Getting two pilots killed certainly left us down in terms of raw staff manning the WH, and at present I’m certainly not flying anything with firepower enough to repel anything save a starter frigate. We had no real eyes on the system, although the senior pilots had moved some of their ships to safe areas and logged the characters off. Blake and I, both still at work, started to muse about our possibilities via gChat. We decided that there were only a handful of viable scenarios.

  1. The reinforced timer was well over twenty four hours. Seeing that, they may have decided the wait was too long. They would lose their connection back to home by then and would have to scan back out.
  2. They were at a safe in our space, but had logged off to wait out the reinforced timer.
  3. The fleet went home but left a scanning ship in-system to try facilitate bringing reinforcements back in.

Here's some information for ya.

No Country For Old Men is at its heart, to me, about the war of information, but also about desolation. Each character fights for his own goal, but fights alone. I get a similar sensation working in WSpace. You’re out here alone, support is hours away or nonexistent, and somebody’s always looking to blow you into component atoms. The more information you have about your environment and your possible adversaries, the better equipped you are to come out on top.

We had some intelligence, and they had some intelligence. We knew roughly how large the attacking fleet was, where they came from, and what corporation they were with. They knew our corporation, our POS loadout and location. However, they did not know our possible fully-logged-on numbers, or where we may be hiding.

Our first order of business was to assess the situation thoroughly. Unfortunately, a quick tally showed that we had been caught unawares, with limited shield repairing support to be had in our stores. The guys moved some stuff around, and we had an empire link, so I hauled in some extra Strontium to refill our tower. The empire link was not long for this world, so I had to grab the closest possible load, which unfortunately placed my defenseless hauler into a lowsec system.

Getting in was uneventful, no camps were waiting at any gates, and I cruised through. Upon arrival, however, some hostiles showed up in overview and I booked for the station dock. I was able to fill the hold full with shield fuel and waited around for a few minutes, hoping these guys would move elsewhere. Thankfully, when I undocked, they were busy shooting at something else, so I sped out of there with nary a scratch, and made it back safely to our WSpace. But, after that, it was just a waiting game until the POS came out of reinforced mode, so I called it a night.

Saturday afternoon began with much of the same waiting game still in progress, with frequent scans combing the system for suspicious signatures. It was all pretty silent. But, like a shot, it was interrupted.

Probes, we have probes in system guys.


Less than a minute later I was being invited to private chat with a name I was completely unfamiliar with. I hesitated, thinking it might be a tactic to stall or distract me while they loaded in additional ships, but after a few seconds I accepted. I grabbed the information from his name and his title was in Cyrillic. Russians.

Now I was nervous.

I asked if I could do something for him, and no reply came back. And a minute later still no reply back. Did he just want to see if I was away from the keyboard or not? Another fifteen seconds passed. Then thirty. Then another minute. Meanwhile, Blake and Hav were readying the big ships for an emergency wormhole closing. Finally a response came in. I don’t have the log in front of me, but the conversation went similar to as follows:

<JB>Can I help you?
<Russian>Who put your tower in reinforced?
<JB>I’m not sure, I wasn’t here. Why are you asking?
<Russian>It is good to know people who would do such a thing.

After a couple of nervous moments, it turns out they were under attack just then by some unfriendly folks in the currently neighboring WSpace, and were wondering if they might be related or if we had some information that might help them. He said he would speak with the CEO, but getting us reinforcements was probably unlikely as they had problems of their own.

Oooh, preeetty.

We were wary of the situation in general, so we shared our intelligence and then informed him that we would be promptly closing the wormhole in ten minutes if they hadn’t closed it by then. After he jumped out, I ran over to cover the wormhole while the guys closed it. A couple of flashes later, and it was gone. We closed the rest of the wormholes in-system and sealed ourselves in. I took stock of all the signatures in the system, scanned them down, updated our bookmarks, and left all the sites and ‘holes unactivated.

The evening rolled around, and once our Strontium ran out we got to work repairing the damage. It was a tedious process, due in no small part to our usage of incorrect ship types, but it was all we had in there with us. I ran lookout and scanned down the system continuously for a few hours, but ran out of time as I had a function to attend.

Preparation for these types of events is key. The dangers of wormhole space are many and various, and there are some pretty big corporations out here that want nothing more than to vaporize your property. A full load of Strontium is a hefty deterrent out here, as it can easily outlive even the longest lasting wormhole, making logistics extremely problematic for an invading force. Make no mistake, however. Like Chigurh, if, in wormhole space, somebody wants you dead, they will find a way to make it happen. The only answer is proper defenses, superior numbers, in-place emergency plans and supplies, and last, but certainly not least, a hefty helping of cunning strategy.

Licking our wounds.

9 Comments on “No Country For Old Men”

  1. David Ellis says:

    Very well written, and a good story too.

    My blogs would read like… Yeah, today I made a mistake and got ganked – just like last week. But last week I made a different misake when I got ganked. Dang! When am I going to work through all of the possible mistakes.

  2. good it ended well for you, you might even have made some russian friends (still would nto trust them one bit though) πŸ™‚

    why don’t you guys store extra stront in system? also a few disposables ospreys etc
    your profit margins should allow you to afford it

    • Raath says:

      Oh we always have at least a load and a half extra just incase πŸ™‚
      But it was in the hangar array so not really any good in there lol

  3. Chopstixs says:

    Whats with Russians in wormholes? I hardly see any in normal space but its like every other inhabited wormholes are Russians…

    • Chopstixs :
      Whats with Russians in wormholes? I hardly see any in normal space but its like every other inhabited wormholes are Russians…
      Head over to Motsu, Can’t move for Russian ninja looters over there

      New WH blog to read \o/

  4. TechPalatinus (CCRES CEO) says:

    Your blog was brought to my attention by one of my corp members and I have to admit we probably only attacked out of boredom and because we could. I am not entirely sure who you are in game and we attack far to many people for me to figure out which pos it was; but knowing we helped inspire such a good read and made your eve life all the more interesting made it all worth it. Fly safe and we may well see you again soon.

  5. Oruze says:

    Hello..first of all great blog, for me its right after “confesions from a wh killer” blog πŸ˜€

    Coz that first suits more to my style of thinking and play πŸ˜€

    But its nice to see things from a different perspective, when being clocked beside someones pos in next door wh (sometimes as long as 4 hours semi-afk just standing there and observing :P)waiting for them to start their mining op or to begin farming sleepers so i could make my move, i often thought to myself what are these people really doing now, are aware of my presence are making precautions, do they have some sort of defense plan…etc…
    Its really nice to see perspective from someone more peacefull and more defensive than me, at least i get that impression from your blog…
    Very very very good blog…gratz πŸ˜€

    Btw i am about a year old player and i live in wh since i was about 3 month old player, so..its funny…i fly in wh like a fish in water, but in k-space i feel weird and unplesant , yeah, even in hs :D…

    Anyway, sory for commenting on older post but i wanted to ask you something(along with all the praises for a good blog πŸ˜€ )

    You mentioned here :”…and left all the sites and β€˜holes unactivated.”

    Heh…either you have wrong information aboat wh-s or know something i dont, and i can confidently say that i know alot and tried and resharched myself alot aboat wh-s and wh mechanics.

    So…if you mean by leaving wh unactivated by not jumping through (and not creating K162 on the other end) thats not true.
    K162 creates when grid with a wh in it creates, and that grid creates when you get a sig that has its ID and is connected to designated wh which by that time has its fixed location within the system and its K162 side.
    So..theoreticaly only way to leave wh unactivated is not to lanch probes, but this only works in theory..its not proved.

    Just wanted to help you if you have wrong information (because i saw and heard a lot of people spreading all kinds of imformation aboat wh-s that simply is not true) and if you have right information then i am asking for you to corect my knowledge or if probably i misunderstood you πŸ˜€

    great job on the blog once again…fly safe πŸ˜€

  6. miningzen says:

    our theory is that the grid creatin spawns the k162, but the grid is loaded once you initiate warp to the wormhole, but we don’t know. No-one knows, so let’s all just stick with what hasn’t gotten us killed yet.

  7. Oruze says:


    Just be carefull anyway, i mean if you dont activate the wh ..dont asume you are alone…be paranoid πŸ˜€

    We for instance…where there is nothing to do and we all chat and stuff….
    we often stand cloaked right beside all wh-s in our system…so that way you always know if someone gets in your wh.

    Heh living in wh-s is paranoia

    Fly safe and good luck…

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