December Screenshot Collection

December was a month of mining for my corp. We cleared a few core sites on WH space that netted me around 750M. I’ll be stepping into a Thanatos soon, so there will be a lot of Carrier pictures coming in January. I’ll try to make this a monthly feature.

  1. 5x Hulks, 1x Orca working on a 150,000 unit Crokite asteroid in WH space link
  2. Closing WHs with a Battleship link
  3. 3x Hulks mining in WH space link

One Comment on “December Screenshot Collection”

  1. Felipe says:

    Nice pics…

    Advice: Don’t ever update old post. Make a new one with the new SS and link the old one. In this way you gain two times, you make a new entree for people who read in RSS feeds, you re-link some old stuff of yours to the new readers, whos gonna have a chance to see some more of your material.

    If possible, try to put some sample of the images in the post, that way people who wanna see then bigger will click to enlarge.

    Some if I’m stepping on your lawn, after all you are the blogger here! But I think if you try this, you not gonna regret.

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