In all the Dust and confusion

In my youth, I loved strategy games. On my 9th birthday, when my grandfather got me Submarine Titans, I vividly remember giving away half my other toys out of joy. Of late, I seem to have lost the patience of RTSs and have moved to FPSs, with shooty fun abound. Anyway, Dust 514.

I have mixed feeling about Dust. On one hand, the people that brought me Eve and all it’s brilliance are now shining their glorious light on the console field, and shooty fun and internet spaceships sounds, to coin a phrase, totally fuggin bitchin. But I’m worried about the combination of Dust n eve. First issue, albiet petty: economies.

If an alliance wants a mercenary corp in Dust to, say, conquer planet squiggybits, assuming my idea for corps naming planets gets approved, then they can’t really ask them without incentive. If you ask a dude to ride a dirtbike over a wooden fence, on fire, the dude may agree, cause it would be awesome, but it would be customary for you to offer to pay his medical bills and make sure you have the best possible dirtbike rider for the act itself. Similarly, if goonswarm or whoever the biggest alliance is come Dust is, they’re gonna want the best team of console 12 year olds shooting for them, and will consequently offer a good incentive. Smaller corps, which similarly need the best shooing players, can only offer less than goonswarm. So, intended or not, the best shooters will belong to the biggest corp. But hey, that sounds like it would be reasonable, really. If a small alliance want’s to take a piece of goonswarm space, I’d bet this delicious eclair I’m eating right now that goonswarm would crush the hell out of them, partly for fun, and partly to still appear tough, just to make sure no-one else tries anything like that without bringing sufficient force.

That was a delicious eclair. Anyway, after covering the possible negatives of this, the positives outweigh them by far:

It adds another level of intricasity to the already complex front lines of null.

It creats more publicity for Eve, making this small community bigger and with more people to outgun/outmine/outmarket.

There is a small, small chance that we will be able to fire missiles/sentry drones at the planet.

Everything could work out perfectly, and we could take the position of gods, giving mortals vehicle and planes and watching/joining them in smashing them together.

Dreadnought planetary bombardment. Nuff said.

edit: thought of another problem: the language barrier. Shadow of XxdeathYY is as intimidating as hell ATM, but I hope the’ve got an english speaker around them, cause consolers arn’t gonna like instructions in rusky and they haven’t the patience to learn it.

One Comment on “In all the Dust and confusion”

  1. Rettic says:

    Good stuff. I’m pretty much in agreement with everything you said. Potential positives definitely outway the risks for me at the moment.

    And suddenly I want an eclair.

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