Jita Purchases

Sorry about the lack of updates over the past 2 weeks; I have been interviewing and will be starting my new job on November 30th!

I got my main parked in Jita and my alt mining in WH space. My main has been watching Megacyte drop over the past few weeks to a 6 month low. This has affected T2 and higher end ship prices, brining them to a new low. I thought this would be a good time to spend of the ISK that was sitting idle in my wallet.

I’ve decided to make some purchases before the Dominion expansion.


  1. Obelisk, 660 M
  2. Orca, 349.1 M
  3. Eos, 132.9 M
  4. Phobos, 95 M
  5. Ishkur, 25.9 M
  6. Nemesis, 23.3 M

Total: -1.286 B


  1. Mackinaw, 67.99 M
  2. 4x Ice Harvester II‘s, 13.7 M

Total: +81.69 M

I’ve got a Proteus on my watch list but this week someone bought out all of the Proteus Propulsion – Localized Injectors on the market at 31 M and relisted at 67 M this week. I’ll wait.

2 Comments on “Jita Purchases”

  1. Dang spend 1.286 billion just like that. Must be nice. 😉

  2. miningzen says:

    damn market going down so i cant afford plexes and awesome lookin ships at the same time…

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