Nullsec Moon Mining

Have you ever wondered where the deep pockets of Alliances get created? Moon goo.

It has been almost a month in our new Alliance and we have started discussing setting up a moon mining network in order to bolster the corporation wallets. Since we have limited knowledge of the reaction chains, we have decided to start simple. Perhaps I will take the time to go up the reaction chain and see what items we can make that would truly be profitable. For now, we’re going to start small and just pull the Moon Materials and haul to market.

In an established alliance, the good moons are most likely property of the Alliance. The profits from Tech, Neo, and Dyspro often go to the Alliance wallets for programs such as ship replacement or war efforts.

Given this, our moon selection list is rather limited and we’re left to claim some of the lower profitable income streams. As with everything industry related in Eve, run the numbers first to see if it is even worth your time for the profit.

Recall that time is very important in this game. Why should I spend hours manufacturing a Drake to sell in a mission hub that nets me a 2-3% markup while I can go shoot NPCs for 100M+/hour (Incursions).

Here is the workup for a typical nullsec moon that we have available for claiming.

Material Profit/Month (M)
1. Hydrocarbons 13
2. Silicates 122
3. Silicates 122
4. Tungsten 39

Using the new fueling price model in the Crucible expansion, running a Large POS is highly unprofitable as it costs 360 M/month to fuel. Income from harvesting basic materials will only be profitable using a Medium or Small POS as they cost 180 M or 90 M/month, respectively, to fuel.

A Small POS lacks the necessary Powergrid and CPU to run 4 Moon Harvesting Arrays and Silos so we need to setup up to a Medium. Even with Faction Towers, I was only able to get 3 Moon Harvesting Arrays and 3 Silos to run so we’ll have to not mine the Hydrocarbons.

180 M to fuel and 283 M profit means a 103 M/month or 24 M/week profit which in my book is hardly worth the effort. We will have to either get a better material to harvest or explore collecting these lower profit materials to react into Processed Materials or continue further down the reaction chain into Advanced Materials.

Technetium Roller Coaster

According to Akita T’s threadnaught Dominion market analysis : sky’s the limit on technetium (long term), Technetium is the current bottleneck in the T2 production process.

I have been debating, reading, and watching the performance for a few months now and I bought in at 118.02k.

This weekend was a little tense as there was a lot of speculation about CCP adjusting the ratios for T2 production for the Incarna — er semi-Incarna one Captain’s Quarters release.

Additionally there has been a lot of chatter as it was dropping to 100k-ish in Jita this weekend. I contribute this drop to some former NC alliances cashing out and new alliances that are now Technetium rich also selling in Jita to get quick liquid ISK.

I could have bought in at a much lower price, but I am not that comfortable with speculating on moongoo prices.

Overall I’m happy with a +83 M profit and I have 580 units left to sell.