Technetium Roller Coaster

According to Akita T’s threadnaught Dominion market analysis : sky’s the limit on technetium (long term), Technetium is the current bottleneck in the T2 production process.

I have been debating, reading, and watching the performance for a few months now and I bought in at 118.02k.

This weekend was a little tense as there was a lot of speculation about CCP adjusting the ratios for T2 production for the Incarna — er semi-Incarna one Captain’s Quarters release.

Additionally there has been a lot of chatter as it was dropping to 100k-ish in Jita this weekend. I contribute this drop to some former NC alliances cashing out and new alliances that are now Technetium rich also selling in Jita to get quick liquid ISK.

I could have bought in at a much lower price, but I am not that comfortable with speculating on moongoo prices.

Overall I’m happy with a +83 M profit and I have 580 units left to sell.

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