One of the shoddier beginnings

Going back before my previous in character adventures, seeing if I can draw together some sort of plot. love it/hate it/publish it.

A light flashed on his console.

“Ichibi, Vagabond class, you are clear for docking.”

The light went out. Another light started blinking.

“Armance, Iteron mark V class, you are clear for docking.”

A green light on the left of his console started blinking.

“Kerslov, Dominix battleship, you are clear for undocking. Bay seven, stay low.”

The lights went out, and his console went black, signaling the end of his shift. Sighing, John was about to stand up when a message flashed on his console, with an unknown sender.

“Is this really all the life you wanted to live?”

John stared at the message for a second before turning to the man seated at his left, who was currently trying and failing to contain a grin.

“Jake, you almost got me that time”, said John, a matching grin on his face. “Heh, man, I had you completely fooled and you know it” replied Jack, the grin now completely overtaking his face. Laughing, the two friends walked off to their apartment complex, their shifts for the day finally over.

At their apartment, Jake flopped onto the mutual couch while John sat down at his terminal. His roommate’s muffled voice floated over.

“Dude, I wish you’d stop checking those damn contracts. We’re never gonna get enough ISK to buy a damn cruiser, let alone one of those mining barges.”

Sighing, John spun his chair around to the couch. “I’m sick of pulling ten hour shifts for half an ISK an hour, dude. You may joke about it, but I want off this damn station. I’m sick of all of this.” Jake pulled his face out of the couch. “Then can I at least use the terminal to check my mail?”

Sighing, John stood up again. “Check whatever you want, I’m heading to the bar. Don’t wait up.”