The Latest Eve Scam

For those who have forgotten how to left click, the above is the manefesto of the latest Eve scam (hence the clever title) in which some people took about a trillion isk from slightly less smart people via a ponzi scheme, which is ironic because we actually had a ponzi scheme in real life recently, via one Bernie Madoff.

Or as the kindly old lady that lives across the street from me calls him, “that rotten bastard of a man”. Here’s how a ponzi scheme works, as far as I can tell.

Person A is the ponzi….er? Person’s B and C are the ponziee….es.

Person A says to Person B “If you give me an investment I will pay you back a percent of my profits”. Person B, being a typical Eve player tells Person A to fuck off. Person C being a Wow player says “sure!” and gives him 100 bucks, which entitles him to ten bucks a month until he takes the money back from Person A. Person A then goes to a bunch of other people and asks them for money under the same conditions. He uses their money to pay back person B’s 10 bucks a month as well as everyone else’s percents until they tell all their friends to give Person A money because look at all the money he gave us.

Once the scheme reaches critical mass(Either Person A has as much money as he wants or new people don’t join fast enough for him to pay off the people who have already given him money) he buys a boat and flies away forever with your money, fuck you.

So, this happened. I’d say to never trust anyone in Eve but with my recent embargo into trading(I’m not Blake but I’m starting to get the hang of it) I may be asking for investment at some point.

In conclusion trust no-one except for kindly old Mr. Miningzen, because he never loses ships/isk, doesn’t owe several other people billions of isk and loves you all to pieces.