In case you hadn’t noticed

In case you’re one of the few people who read this blog, yet don’t employ tracking agents on all my chars to fervently follow my every move, k162space and the group of people we tend to socialize with have moved out of our C6 and into our corp’s null space, where we intend to mine the heck out of anything that looks at us funny.

Reasons behind this include:
1. At present, we lack the manpower to clear C6 combat sites, and don’t have enough people in the same timezone to clear the static C5 sites with any respectable isk/hour. This means that when a WH grav (appears maybe once every week and a half) vanishes (4 days after activation max), we’re left twiddling our thumbs while the null division of the corp fills corp chat with “omg these rocks are huge lulz wut u guyz doin?”
2. With the market dropping remarkably from influxes from null and such, having more access to better ores cannot be a bad thing.
3. By renting from Atlas, we guarantee neighbors with more developed industrial hubs, making them a much better candidate for AFKing SB pilots.
4. I managed to convince Blake that “dirty donut” was a bad idea to call the move operation, and “K162space” as a blog name does not necessarily constitute living in WH, but can apply to simply frequently using them. Our corp’s “WH more frequently” space upgrade thingy should facilitate this, as well as the ATLAS renter’s “What the heck are wormholes? Sure, you can scan for the things, just stay away from our plexes” mindset.

I’m serious here, I was moving an orca through a highsec-C5-C5-C5-null route, and when I come to the null WH, there’s a blue punisher and drake floating. Warning them about trying to run C5 sites in BC or smaller hulls, I am immediately screamed at to
Me->”Why shouldn’t I jump?”
Null inhabitant->”THE WH IS UNSTABLE”
(I check, “this wormhole has not yet has it’s mass disrupted by ships, this WH is beginning to decay and shouldn’t last another day”)
Me->”What makes you say that?”
(Again, C5 connecting WH.)

So, high hopes to still run WH sites and such, with local chat(strange and unfamiliar concept), while not facing impending doom from CCRES or slightly less doom from Aperture Harmonics, who recently asked Raath ( to take (for all your WH static database needs) down.
[ 2010.04.15 17:50:35 ] Raath Nambode > it’s an interesting pattern that emerges I think
[ 2010.04.15 17:50:58 ] killedus3times > ok I will save you the trouble a bit if you will consider taking down that website of yours )
[ 2010.04.15 17:51:36 ] killedus3times > info becomes useless if everyone has access to it. convert your knowledge into recruits

So, ya, looking forward to fun times actually doing something other than mining when there is nothing to mine. Like…um….

Shooting things?