Running for CEO

With the fall of Imperial Order, we lost our space in nullsec. After the evacuation operations finished up, we found ourselves enjoying Empire space for a few weeks. We consolidated assets, ran some Incursions, and explored a few wormholes. Now we are bored.

Due to our lack of direction, we have started to lose people. A lot of our members were with us for nullsec access and since we have lost that arena, people have moved on. I don’t blame them; I would have also left if it weren’t for the bonds I have with my fellow corp members. I have been flying with this group of people since early 2010 and over time, it has become my home.

CEO Title

Additionally, around a month ago, a rather big event took place for us. For reasons that I would rather not like to discuss, the accounts of our former CEO were banned from Eve. His characters and our current inactive CEO hold all the shares so we can’t request a vote for a new CEO. We are in a position where the three currently active directors can’t take over the CEO role and provide leadership for the corporation.

A petition to get the shares redistributed resulted in a message back from a GM that “we would like to return the shares, but your current CEO is still active”, which is true. He just isn’t logging in due to real life commitments.

We’re stuck and I feel that it is my time to make a run for the CEO title and enact some change with the help of the other two active directors.

The Plan

Since we can’t get the CEO role in our current corporation, we are planning on forming a new corporation. We also have been working the diplomatic channels and we might have an in with a current nullsec alliance.

Though one person will have the title on the corporation dashboard, the three active directors are going to share the CEO power 33-33-33%. We believe that this will help reduce burnout and provide nice US/UK timezone coverage as two of us are US based and the other UK based.

Time for Action

Step 1, secure existing corp money and assets.

I took out the leftover money in the corp wallets which netted me about 4.2B ISK. This will be used to buy POS equipment for our eventual move to nullsec, alliance fees, some fuel for the Jump Freighters, and basic PVP equipment.

I also found some ships sitting in one of our corp offices that I made sure to secure. Having these on hand to offer out as free PVP ships will encourage people to move out to nullsec quickly.

Step 2, hold corp meeting.

We will be proposing our idea to the group for feedback.

Step 3.

Step 4, profit?

We’re not sure at this point how our plan is going to come together, or even if it will. Perhaps this will be a new age for our corporation or perhaps we will all go our separate ways.