Planetary Lovemaking

So, on the morning of Tyrannis, my alarm went off at the start of downtime. Like all the rest of the bandwagon nerds, I sat and waited while CCP toyed with my frustration, until I was finally able to get online. Since the skills were seeded, my freighter alt’s been training command center upgrades, my scan alt and pos manager have center upgrades and interplanetary consolidation to IV, w/ the scan alt also picking up advanced planetology III.

A comparison of no planeology skills vs advanced planetology III:

However, somewhere along the line I forget to get the scan alt into anything bigger than a frigate. So, while he can use level IV command centers, he couldn’t fit them in his ship and thus deploy them until I had made a pit stop for some meta 3 cargo expanders and stripped an old salvage catalyst.

With that minor hurtle over and the two litres of creme soda already half empty I started PI. Six to eight hours later, I had built all ten colonies, demolished two thirds of them, rebuilt them better, demolished half of those, rebuilt, ectera, until I got sick of placing links.

Still not happy with them, as my first road trip to jita revealed that I should be mainly focusing on t1 processing and leave t2 processing to the freighter alt. I’ll fix that once I can stand to look at a command center without having to stop myself from closing Eve.

Along with a year of NPC pos fuel (divided down to a month and a half amoungst eight poses), which was about 650 mil (I forget), about 1 bil of reaction profits and various sleeper bits (100 mil), I sold four days of PI material for about 40 mil.

So, profits a bit…meh, but no-one can say anything until the NPC buy and sell orders are removed. Which they have been. So no-one can say anything until the vast stockpiles run out and we start depending on PI to keep, well, everything running.

Again, I honestly didn’t expect much income if any from something with no upkeep besides clicking required to keep it running, but the number of clicks is ridiculous. I clicked so many times that my index finger grew a pair of wrists and started cutting itself in a misguided attempt to make me stop.

So, give it a week or four and we’ll see how the market reacts to the economic equivalent of getting a spin kick to the back of the legs.

P.S. Every time I think “hey, this would make a nice post”, Letrange has already covered it, more thoroughly than I could have from an analyzing standpoint. So, I’m a bit short of ideas. Suggestions?