Risk Tanking

I’m making a move to stop being a Jita Bear and to undock and lose things. Eleventybillion ISK isn’t any fun if you can’t watch it explode with friends. After a few days in Aideron Robotics, I’ve already started to change things and I have set a plan in motion that I will report on after we conduct the op. I can’t disclose any details besides it will feature many billions of ships exploding, [OPSEC], and [OPSEC].


Side Note: The phrase “risk tanking” came from o7: The EVE Online Show. Episode 3 where CCP Seagull said “risk taking”, but it sounded more like “risk tanking”. Risk Tanking is a much more amazing term and I hope it becomes part of the Eve lexicon.

One Comment on “Risk Tanking”

  1. […] have been blown up by a few Comets as well, estimated around 45-55mil worth. I was inspired by this post, and wanted to express my own definition of risk-tanking. I can lose  approximately 40-80 ships […]

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