Wallet Manager Code on GitHub

I finally sat down and learned the basics of GitHub. I’ve uploaded the Wallet Manager code to this project so anyone that has enhancements or bug fixes can collaborate as a community.


If you don’t know what this project is, see these previous posts:

  1. Wallet Manager Project Code
  2. Custom Wallet Manager

Happy trading.

11 Comments on “Wallet Manager Code on GitHub”

  1. George says:

    Awesome! I’ve been looking to see if you have an email address to contact you so I could just talk development, but I couldn’t find one, so I guess I’ll have to communicate through your blog’s comments.

    Love the site!

  2. Dave says:

    I tried to get this working before, i got it half working but with some issues, mostly with my hosting as i couldn’t install some of extra prerequisites it needed, i might start a Droplet Vps to trust this out again, What OS do you think is best for this Ubunta / Debian / CentOS

    • Blake says:

      I’ve got it running on my Raspberry Pi, which is Debian. I’ve had good success under Ubuntu. It should be fairly platform agnostic as it just requires Apache, PHP5, and Curl.

  3. Chris says:

    Blake I’m not seeing the modified CDbCache.php in the repo and the original zip was taken offline. Is this step still necessary or was this step just overlooked when copy/pasting the original instructions?

  4. Carebear says:

    Hello, i got everything working i think, i need to add the user.

    can you tell us the format for the password field ? should i transform it to md5 first or something ?

    • Carebear says:

      think i found it in the code 🙂

      else if($user->password!==md5($user->salt.$this->password))

      i will try this way

  5. evemcnaire says:

    I am glad to see this is finally on GIT. Great work Blake!

    • evemcnaire says:

      Ive got it mostly working. The only issue I have ran into so far is the following

      Error 404
      Unable to resolve the request “corpWallet/index”.

      • Blake says:

        Yep, I never finished that section. Feel free to write it and add to the GitHub project!

  6. evemcnaire says:

    I have everything displaying properly. It will pull my wallet balance and I can see where it is saving it in the DB. It isn’t saving any other data into the DB however. Anyone have any ideas?

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