Carrier Runs 1-228


Carrier building operations have been running for 1,087 days and has generated 53.7 B in profit averaging 234.6 M/hull with a sale every 4.7 days.

There was a slight dip in production due to relocating our Capital building operations and my move across the country around November of 2013. Since then we’ve been steadily optimizing our operations and final March production counts came in at 17 hulls, almost matching our maximum of 19 in May of 2013.


Profit Charts

The profit trends on all hulls show a downward trend.


Chimera and Archon hulls are still holding strong while Thanatos and Nidhoggur hulls are not worth producing.

2014-04-07_chimera_hulls 2014-04-07_archon_hulls 2014-04-07_thanatos_hulls 2014-04-07_nidhoggur_hulls


We are not the only capital builder noticing shrinking profits as noted also by EVE-Fail. The upcoming mineral compression changes have us rethinking our logistical operation and possibly putting our capital building operations on hold.

4 Comments on “Carrier Runs 1-228”

  1. Ragelle says:

    With a number of rather large capital builders thinking of putting their production on hold over compression changes you might want to consider downsizing but not stopping your operations since a drop in supply may very well create a short term price bump while the compression changes alter the long term fundamentals.

    • Blake says:

      I agree and Raath and I have been thinking about this option. We’re going to slow down production and see what gets announced at Fanfest this year.

  2. Virile says:

    I really love your graphs! I’m assuming that is done by some custom software?

    • Blake says:

      Nothing fancy, just Excel. I usually do a query to export the data out of the DB to a CSV file and massage it in Excel to get something presentable.

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