Trading Performance: Battlecruisers


Given the shakeup coming with the tiericide effort, Armor tanking, and the sweeping changes coming this summer, I feel comfortable disclosing performance numbers for production and trade involving popular Battlecruisers hulls.



The Drake and Hurricane market has been and continues to be a very competitive market. I contribute this to a few factors.

First there are many industrial people that will not consider the time it takes for them to mine minerals; remember that time is money and the hours that you spend slaving away staring at a rock for a few million an hour could be better spent doing more lucrative activities. Note that this point is not isolated to these hulls and is a common error in production logic for new industrialists.

The PVP and PVE proficiency of the Drake makes it a very popular ship. There will always be a large draw for industry people to focus on this hull, making for high competition.

Lastly, given the time that these two ships have been in the game, many industrialists have these BPOs researched to high levels and have had them for many years.

My production and trade focus shifted off of the Drake and Hurricane when the Tier 3 Battlecruisers were introduced as I saw a high demand for them in the PVP arena.

As you can see the trading performance below, they have proven to be far more profitable on average than their older counterparts.



Make Naga, Oracle, Talos, and Tornado hulls not Drake and Hurricane ones.

2 Comments on “Trading Performance: Battlecruisers”

  1. Sasha says:

    Long time blog follower here -just a question; to get those sort of margins on your Tier 3 battlecruisers, are you mining your minerals, buying them all, or mining a select few and buying others? I ask this because I have a well researched Oracle bpo but do not get nearly the same amount of isk in terms of average profit and am wondering whether it is still worth to produce them?


  2. xxchaoticcxx says:

    I would presume he is using buy orders for the minerals and then moving the ships somewhere / already building in null or some such.

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