What’s In Your Hangar?

I’m following the trend that Rixx Javix started and posting my goods. As mainly a trader and researcher, I don’t feel like I have a large fleet of PVP ships as I try to maintain a lean operation. ISK goes back into trading and manufacturing operations instead of sitting as a rusting Minmatar hull in a hangar.

I’ve blanked out the majority of my ship name but I’ll let you know that I name them all after Babylon 5 ship classes.

Trade Alt

This character sits in Jita 4-4 and moves and/or ships items around. I think of this guy as the holding account.

(396) Various capital part BPCs left over from copying capital part BPOs for passive income
(293) Various Tech1 BPCs left over when I used to do Invention
(14) Invented Tech2 module BPCs
(5) Invented Anshar (ME -1) BPCs for JF building
Ishtar, Onyx, Phobos, Pilgrim Invented BPCs

(1) Freighter
(2) Jump Freighter
(1) Orca
(5) Iteron Mark V

Long-term Storage

Research Alt

This character is working with around 290 BPOs worth around 13.59 B. I’ve always wanted to be able to produce anything in the game so I bought up the majority of the common module, frigate, and cruiser prints. The only Battlecruiser prints that I own is a set of the Tier3 ones.  I have no intention to ever produce Drakes/Hurricanes due to their small profit margin. I also don’t own any Battleship prints as I like to fly T1/T2 cruiser hulls.

Awaiting ME/PE research

Getting things done

Research alt junk drawer

Capital Bittervet Pilot

Capitals in lowsec and random Bombers

Random PVP ships

Random PVP gear

Subcapital Pilot

I’m training this character to fly all four racial Interceptors, Recons, Logistics, and standard BCs. I also have him trained for the standard T2 Alpha Maelstrom because it is such a common request in nullsec fleets.

Nullsec PVP ships

Random PVP gear

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Inferno Bomb Animations

The art department did an amazing job with the new bomb animations. Each bomb has a very unique explosion and these screenshots barely do them justice. Time to dust off the old, er — new Nemesis. The new Bomber models also give the bombing experience a fresh feel.

[update] Video below!

Inferno Module Additions

This is a list of items that have been published to the test server as of build 370878.

1. Extrinsic Damage Amplifier II

+12% Drone Damage? Looks like a display bug.

Volume 5 m3
Mass 1 kg
Tech 2
Structure HP 40
Meta 5
Slot Low
CPU 40 tf
Powergrid 1 MW

I’m looking into upping this module in power. I mostly have the CPU and damage to work with, because of the way the technical backend is, I can’t affect the RoF of drones. But we should be able to adjust the rest of the stats to make up for that somewhat. The goal is definitely to make this module be on par with the other damage amplifier mods.
CCP SoniClover link

2. Ancillary Shield Booster (S/M/L/X-Large)


Slot Medium
CPU 100 tf
Powergrid 150 MW

Regarding the fueled shield booster – I doubled the effect, the cap use and the capacity. So you can carry more, each charge will be much more effective, but running the module without charges is crippling. But IMO it needs to be that way because doubling the shield boosting effect makes it so much better stat wise to normal shield boosters and the intention is absolutely not to obsolete them in any way. I’m sure more tweaking is needed, but let’s see how this plays out. From the testing I’ve done on the internal servers it looks promising, but as always the real test is when it’s on Sisi and in the hands of you players, you with your uncanny abilities to break everything good and decent *runs away crying*
CCP SoniClover link

3. Armor Adaptive Hardener I

It’s an active module with a 10 sec cycle, every cycle it checks the damage received in the cycle and adjust the resistance bonus the module gives based on that. It takes the top two damage types and increases the resistance against them while reducing the other two by the same amount (if you have received only a single damage type, it adjust only that one). It’s a zero-sum system, meaning for instance that if the resistance bonus for a damage type is at 0, it can’t be reduced further and the one’s to be increased don’t increase as much.
CCP SoniClover link

The resist is calculated for the module itself, but when it’s applied to the ship it goes through the normal channels. So, in the hypothetical scenario where you have no other resistance bonuses, then the max resist you could get from this module is 60% (the other three would then be at 0). But if you have other resistance bonuses, then your actual resist is calculated as usual.
CCP SoniClover link

We’d love to make a T2 version also before Inferno, we only have this one version now because we’re still tweaking it, but once we’re happy with it as a T1 version we should be able to do a T2 version also (no promise though Smile) But we’re not making faction versions for Inferno (hopefully later).
CCP SoniClover link

Slot Low
CPU 24 tf
Powergrid 1 MW

4. Micro Jump Drive

This has been confirmed, but has not hit the test server yet.

5. Processor Overclocking Unit I

6. MagSheath Target Breaker

7. Capacitor Battery Reflect Adjustment