Traders Rejoice, Market Buff

Revised killmails are coming with Inferno.

It looks like CCP took design inspiration from our popular 3rd party killboards, which is nice. Why reinvent the wheel?

At the bottom of the new killmails is information for the total value of the killmail. Currently killboards have to manually store and guesstimate the value of items that are contract only, like officer/faction/deadspace modules.

For my needs, I have been manually updating prices for these non-market items from by importing the XML price list. I’ve also had to edit some numbers are they were not up to date or way overpriced.

Officer/faction/deadspace modules have always been a thorn in my side as far as pricing went.

In order for the new in-game killmail to have a price for these items, CCP decided to add them to the market.

Very exciting news for traders. We’re now going to be able to clearly see price and volume for these high meta items.

From the Devblog:

To get this to work properly, we’ve (with help from team Game of Drones) added everything to the market and fixed a few items that didn’t have a price (like Titans), with the price being based on material ingredients.


Confirmation from CCP SoniClover:

Q: Everything on market now?
A: More or less. Basically, everything that exists, is published and has a meta level is on the market now.

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