How to Profit from New Ships

New items in game, especially ships, produce a huge market opportunity if you can stage and plan out your production properly. Here are some pointers on how to make a lot of ISK.

1. Get on the test server as soon as possible to lookup the BPO requirements. This workup on the unresearched BPO shows that the build cost is about 43.6 M per Tornado.

2. Stockpile minerals in a location close to Jita that has open Manufacturing slots.

3. Before the expansion comes out, have a freighter or Shuttle character in a NPC station where the BPO will be seeded.

4. After the expansion has been deployed and you are back  in the game, buy the BPOs and burn to your production system.

5. Build a few BCs with the unresearched BPOs and get the ships to market. Here is a screenshot of the Tornado market about 6 hours after they were seeded on the market.

Despite the markup, they were moving. People were making a 170M+ profit on each Tornado because the demand was so high.

6. After the market has become competitive, place your BPOs in research and start the ME grind in order to stay competitive.

6 Comments on “How to Profit from New Ships”

  1. dibdab says:

    Shame this came out a week after launch. Might have been useful

    • Sae says:

      @dibdab Oh come on, you don’t think he’d give away the method to becoming wealthy when there’s a chance you’d be his competition, do you?

      Besides this is pretty much common sense, unlike a lot of other market manipulation.

  2. I did this very thing and just about everything on that list and a few more and sold almost 3 Billion worth of the BC ships and consuming almost all the minerals I had bought in planning at much lower mineral prices to increase my potential profit. This was all in planning weeks before the patch landed as i sat in my station and thought about how to make good when the patch lands.

    I guess the way i see it is you do stuff in between the expansion and plan for the arriving expansion when its known. When the expansion lands you profit or get quite rich if you planned and prepared well. How rich you can get all depends on how well you prepared and executed as well on how well all your bets might have paid off. One can just as well loose big if one gambled wrong as well.

  3. For once I had the capital to … capitalize on this sort of opportunity. Made out like a bandit selling Talosi for about four times production cost in Gal space.

  4. Bede says:

    So i had 2 things ive been working on since launch, that have been personally more profitable than ships……

    1) Small tractor beam II’s
    I started late on these like 3-4 days late, i should have had bpc’s ready to invent.

    2) I sold straight to jita buy prices because they where paying 4 mill a pop + but that value was slowly declining, in fact its now pretty much where its going to stabilize 2 – 2.5 mill.

    Lastly POS FUEL! all im going to say is cHA M Fing CHING! I was achieving 500% profit for a number of days for not alot of work.

    Currently depending on the racial type, your talking about 50% – 100% markup still depending on where your selling.

    sadly PI prices have rocketed, and i wish i had stock piled robotics, enriched, coolant and mechanics…

  5. Tressador says:

    I actually wrote about this WEEKS before launch.
    Mainly because i didn’t have the necessary capital or skills to do it….

    check date….

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