Go to that website. Note how tiny the little slider bar is. Read those changes, CURRENTLY ON SINGULARITY. If you do not at least once feel that manly feeling of being about to cry, you are eligible for a full refund on your next purchase at Home Depot, you goddamn robot.

I cannot see Crucible flopping. The new Battlecruisers look nice and have an interesting niche, I almost cried when I saw the new nebulae(nebulars? nebulae’?) and all of those modules you wish had t2 versions now do.

In addition, some of the tiny little things you always hated but always felt like a wuss complaining about are gone, like planets mysteriously turning into ghosts as you warped through them, and the session timer is reduced(a little). STILL COUNTS.

I keep thinking though, about the development. ONE team from World of Darkness, Team Papercut, gave us a loot all button, improved the Warp Command, a goddamn alliance jump bridge option to the system map, fixed that annoying thing where AFK cloakers could jam up your anomalies(although it might make salvaging a bit more rushed) and made drones harder to lose.

One Team did this. My hat is off to you guys.

I was joking around before Crucible was announced that CCP should make an expansion “We fixed the things that irked you and some things you didn’t notice before”, and holy shit this fits the bill. I’ve still got almost no isk to my name, classes this semester are “interesting”, but DAMN if Eve isn’t getting more awesomer!


You know what I mean.

3 Comments on “Crucible”

  1. David Ellis says:

    Wow!! I didn’t realize all of this would happen! There are MANY significant (and mostly good) changes.

    I currently reside in wormhole space most of the time, but this change may be the most profound, “■There is no longer an Insurance payout in the event of being killed by CONCORD.”

  2. Tom Hoffman says:

    Yeah… the amount one team got done in three weeks kinda makes me think I’ve been giving CCP too much of the benefit of the doubt the past couple years.

  3. One team did allot of small improvement that in less than 3 weeks for quality of life issues in space, Team Papercut. Makes you wonder what CCP and all the other teams been doing at CCP all this time.

    All i can say is CCP needs to keep the productivity pace up and going and don’t drop the ball.

    Now if they can fix my “random black screen of death” on login on my MAc Book Pro i be damn happy, have only had the issue for almost a year 😦

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