Capital Level

Over the past three months, I bought up some Capital BPOs because I wanted to cut the costs of producing my own Thanatos and Obelisk ships.

After a few successful sales, hauling all the lowend minerals around got a little tiresome. One Carrier build takes about 2.34 Freighter runs of minerals, whew. If you have ever piloted a Freighter, you know how terribly slow they are to align and warp.

A fellow blogger has a good post about producing Capitals (

I want to take a different direction.

I’ve always wanted to run my own research POS so I ran some numbers and figured out that making copies of the BPOs will net around a 657.8 M profit/month.

3,383,000 ISK average per 5x run BPC
13.89 Days for a 5x run BPC
2.16 5x runs/month for each BPO
18 Capital Part BPOs
= 657.8 M BPC profit/month
– Cost of POS fuel at about 250 M ISK/month

= +407.8 M

Copying the Carrier and Freighter BPOs will be considered extra profits.

The key will be to finding a quiet lowsec system with a station. Also, I will have to install a corp office in the system so that the BPOs will be kept in a station and never be contained within a lab in a vulnerable POS.

Expansion Wishlist

1. Undockable Capital Ships (Supercarriers, Titans) Need Upkeep

Consume fuel such Coolant, Enriched Uranium, Racial Isotopes, Mechanical Parts, Oxygen, Robotics.

These ships are huge and don’t dock. How are they so self-sustaining? If you expand this idea, perhaps even require some Water and Foodstuffs for them to run.

I also think it would be neat if they needed to be stocked with crew such as Civilians, Slaves (Amarr), Janitors, and Marines.

2. Subsystem Targeting for Capitals

Creating the ability to disable a specific gun, module, or Jump Drive on capitals would change combat.

3. Supercarrier Fighter and Fighter Bomber Only Bay

4. Anti-Fighter/Bomber Capital Class Ship

Smaller than a Carrier/Dread ship that can go into Siege and get a bonus for taking out Fighter/Bombers.

5. Multistation Nullsec Outposts

We’ve been asking for this one for a while and I can’t imagine the change would be all that hard. Right now if you want to have industry in nullsec, you need to put up a few Stations across the constellation. If you could concentrate services into one system, I feel that you could really create a seance of a “home system” for industrial operations.

6. Player Destructible Outposts

Perhaps an additional timer after you have destroyed all the station services?

7. Reduce % of ABC Ores in Highsec Accessable Wormholes

Having lived in wormhole space for over 6 months I can tell you that getting items in and out is a logistical challenge. I don’t think that ABC ores should be entirely removed from lower class wormholes such as C1-C3s, but rather that their amount reduced.

8. Officer, Deadspace, and Faction Mods on the Market

I loved that Pirate and Navy ships have been added to the Market. I would like to see the other modules added.

9. Tactical Overlay for Optimal and Falloff

There should be a type of indicator added to the Tactical Overlay that shows additional information such as your optimal and falloff.

Wallet Manager Update

A corpmate and I have been working on a custom written site to manage our investments. Here are a few screenshots from the newest version.

Main Page
Sell Orders
Transactions per Station

Historical Isotope Sales

The site has come a long way since we started doing some basic station trading profit tracking.

If you are interested in some of the older posts, see:

Refined Capital Production Page
Custom Wallet Manager

A lot of what we are working on now is getting intelligent information out of our historical sales. Some of the questions that we are trying to answer are:

1. What are the top items over the past 30, 90, max days?

2. What should we be selling?

3. What groups of items are stocked and what is missing?