Capital Level

Over the past three months, I bought up some Capital BPOs because I wanted to cut the costs of producing my own Thanatos and Obelisk ships.

After a few successful sales, hauling all the lowend minerals around got a little tiresome. One Carrier build takes about 2.34 Freighter runs of minerals, whew. If you have ever piloted a Freighter, you know how terribly slow they are to align and warp.

A fellow blogger has a good post about producing Capitals (

I want to take a different direction.

I’ve always wanted to run my own research POS so I ran some numbers and figured out that making copies of the BPOs will net around a 657.8 M profit/month.

3,383,000 ISK average per 5x run BPC
13.89 Days for a 5x run BPC
2.16 5x runs/month for each BPO
18 Capital Part BPOs
= 657.8 M BPC profit/month
– Cost of POS fuel at about 250 M ISK/month

= +407.8 M

Copying the Carrier and Freighter BPOs will be considered extra profits.

The key will be to finding a quiet lowsec system with a station. Also, I will have to install a corp office in the system so that the BPOs will be kept in a station and never be contained within a lab in a vulnerable POS.

4 Comments on “Capital Level”

  1. rcox says:

    Interesting idea, however, have you averaged out the cost of the BPO’s in the first place, over your BPC’s produced? Additionally, have you researched your BPO’s to the point that they are compeditive with the BPCs on the market now ? Also, have you considered your number of research slots (and your skills to feed them?)

  2. How long will it take to recoup the total investment cost of having bought all the capital BPO’s? I’m sure it will also take some amount of time to also research the Capital BPO’s to adequate ME to be competitive.

    • Blake says:

      I haven’t looked at the amount of time to recoup the investment primarily because the BPOs won’t depreciate. They will never be worth than below NPC prices and the research is just value added.

      I’ve researched them — or bought them with a minimum ME of 75. The majority are at 100 with a small amount of PE.

  3. dunraim says:

    have you looked at setting up a high sec research pos there are a bunch of standing services on the forums you can get an alt into a corp with a high standing for about 95mil. and then you can keep your bpos safe in high sec with out having to do

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