Wallet Manager Update

A corpmate and I have been working on a custom written site to manage our investments. Here are a few screenshots from the newest version.

Main Page
Sell Orders
Transactions per Station

Historical Isotope Sales

The site has come a long way since we started doing some basic station trading profit tracking.

If you are interested in some of the older posts, see:

Refined Capital Production Page
Custom Wallet Manager

A lot of what we are working on now is getting intelligent information out of our historical sales. Some of the questions that we are trying to answer are:

1. What are the top items over the past 30, 90, max days?

2. What should we be selling?

3. What groups of items are stocked and what is missing?

5 Comments on “Wallet Manager Update”

  1. Anishoara says:

    I would love to have time to code something for myself … really nice job guys !

  2. noahstryker says:

    are you planning on making the site available for public consumption? I’ve been thinking of doing the same. I was focused a bit more towards the reprocessing angle.

  3. blackhuey says:

    I’d be more likely to pay RL cash for this than for a monocle. Please consider releasing it?

  4. p says:

    I would be interested too.

    if you need a tester or extra help/feedback, don’t be shy

    in game name is Finnlka

  5. […] I sought out two years ago to be able to track performance for my industry and trading ventures. With the help of a corpmate, many hours were put into a project that we call our “Wallet Manager”. A lot of detail can be found here. […]

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