Ratting, you’re killing me Smalls

With Incursion 1.4 on April 6th, CCP changed the way anomalies work.

Below is a report showing the ratting statics of a 165 member nullsec corporation from February 14 to April 23, 2011. Our income from ratting is nosediving.

As a player that started in 2008, I’ve seen a lot of changes come to Eve and honestly this one is the first change that I really found unnerving. I feel as if I gave my dog a new chewtoy and while he was enjoying it, I took it away.

I believe that this feeling can best be described in a modern form of art called a ragecomic.

6 Comments on “Ratting, you’re killing me Smalls”

  1. Sheldrake says:

    Although I am a member in a small 0.0 alliance, I don’t get out to nullsec much due to limitations on my play-schedule. However, when I read the original dev blog announcing this change, I (along with a lot of other folks) knew this could hit a lot of people hard. Based on this change and the disappointing fanfest, I have to wonder how out of touch the developers actually are.

    Still, Eve is a good game and will probably stay afloat through this change just fine. As for me, I’ve cancelled my second account and I’m playing less and less. Just enough to stay on top of my skill queue and haul my PI stuff to market every week. When the game stops being fun it is time to take a break (a partial one at least)


  2. K'tanno says:

    I recently spent some time in nullsec learning how to chain belts. It’s a pain in the ass. lol

    I’m going to have to learn some other ways to make ISK.

  3. Cameron says:

    Excellent… well it’s time to take over that Nullsec system down the road that is able to spawn sanctums then.

  4. manasi says:

    sadly bro your graph shows just how important anoms are to rank and file members. Greyscale and others just fuck shit up to be brutally honest, no one asked for this no one was asked ABOUT this and it really was not on many radars. A total failure imo, sorry you guys got blasted by it.

  5. Nakinto says:

    yaaaa sadly you dont show us how active they have been these last few weeks do you? you dont have last year this same time stats you dont have how many of them were ratting at any time or how long each day each person was ratting. sadly all i see is a “QQ we cant make 1bil isk every week anymore” and personally I DID live in 00 for several months i made more then a bil a week off of ratting without any sanctums and then i made close to 1.5 from building/selling BS and caps now im busy with WH space and even when my alliance is active we barely make 200mil a day and that is rare OH and also a LOT of people playing this game this time of year just so happen to be going to college/school and finals are in 2 weeks this MIGHT have something to do with the drop so STFU GTFO and go QQ elsewere kthxbye

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