Eve Communication IRL

As I continue to become more involved in my corporation’s wormhole efforts, communication between members is more paramount than ever.  Alerts on ganks, bad nullsec links, moves to a fresh wormhole, and which grav site is currently open are critical pieces of information. There is only so much a MOTD in your chat channel can communicate.

Have you ever used any tools besides TeamSpeak/Ventrilo to communicate with your corpmates such as a phone conversation, text message or email? Do you feel like this encroaches on your real life? Is it a step towards Eve addiction?

I have used text messages and emails to coordinate wormhole moves and getting ore out to empire for refining and I have found it to be very convenient.  Getting a quick email about a wormhole move and letting my corpmates know that I will be online in 6 hours to help with the move has been working out very well for me.

8 Comments on “Eve Communication IRL”

  1. John says:

    Forums and Twitter are about as far as I would go with the addiction

    • Snipereagle1 says:

      I’m personally a fan of Google Wave. My corp’s been playing with it. If you want an invite, message me in game. And it works in the IGB!


  2. manasi says:

    Bulletis FTW. You can have many of them..they can link to web pages…very easy to expand information in this way.

  3. Wensley says:

    We have TeamSpeak and forums as pretty obvious out of game tools but something else we use is Jabber. We can have corp and alliance chat rooms for hanging out together even when logged in. The other thing you can have is a bot that will ping people with stuff that needs there attention such as emergency CTAs. I’m pretty sure this is a standard tool in most large alliances.

  4. more than half of my corp is also IRL friends – so calling them or going out for coffee / beer to talk about the game is a common thing.. I guess it’s true what they say about MMOs – the best MMO is the one your friends are also playing!

    In any case – for in-game we got eve-voice and are quite happy about it.

  5. Dan says:

    We also use jabber with great effect.

  6. Nothing wrong with an email, but I’d hold off on the texts. That’s me, personally.

  7. Carribean queen says:

    Get google wave going with your Corp. It works in/oog. Better than email, our Corp has been using it since the beta came out. I can’t even begin to tell you how it’s made comm invaluable. It can be secured, it can be tier secured based on member levels, and it just makes sense once you see what it is capable of.


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