Wormhole Thanatos

This Thanatos setup is meant for fleet support when opening up Grav and Ladar sites.

Any advice?

4 Comments on “Wormhole Thanatos”

  1. Horrible setup

    you will not have enough cap to run 2 local reps and 2 remote reps
    remove the trimarks and stick 3*CCC

    drop the Drone Control Unit and use a gang warfare link (armor resists)
    also, get some faction EANMs, they cost 30m-ish, well worth the investment for a ship costing c. 800m

    also, do you really need 2 local armor reps? Would you survive with 1 and a cap power relay (almost perma-run) or 1 and more resist? 2 reps will kill your cap even with 3 CCCs.

    what’s the point of the heavy neut? clearly not against rats .. hoping to cap out a tackler? doable but you need to be VERY good and perfectly on the ball (aligned time the cycle, overheat when necessary etc etc) + a LARGE dose of luck …
    might work on paper but in practice, will fail 99 time out of a 100

    instead get a 2nd large smartbomb or a capital energy transfer module

    you wanted feedback 🙂

  2. Melissasama says:

    I do c5 wormhole sites so my experience is related to that.

    Triage is an amazing module to have. In my cataclysmic variable I get 5500 rep every 2.5 seconds. Either way, I rarely use more than 1 repper. Triage is very good because the bs spawn eats battleships for breakfast. Before triage I would generally have 1 bs die every encounter because I could not target before the first wave of murder missiles hit. Watch the missiles, activate repper shortly before they hit.

    I woud ditch the bombs. Your friends may be using sentries and drones. Also few frigates get close enough IMO to make it worthwhile. I run 2 crar, 1 ceta, triage and 1 drone control unit. Fighters have good hp and mine survive if there’s less than 4 or 5 bs on field. I also have 3 hardener, 1 car and either damage control or eanm, I forget.

  3. miningzen says:

    Stop using “all level V” and use your actual skills/your planned skills when making loadouts?
    Thank god you didn’t buffer fit, at least 😛

  4. much better now, IMHO anyway 🙂

    you can probably drop the CPR now (with 4 cap rechargers in the mids) and add a specific armor resist (what damages do sleepers deal?). Or keep the CPR but include a sensor booster in the mids, depends how fast you need to lock people before they start melting I guess …

    I would keep the 2 capital remote armor rep and drop one smartbomb or the cap transfer. The 2nd RR comes handy when you need that extra bit of peak RR to keep somebody alive while they reduce the incoming DPS

    And as mentioned previously, you may want to look into triage, the new reduced 5 minutes timer makes it even more attractive (needs logistics 5)

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