Christmas eve

Well, another Christmas come and soon to be gone; with all the anticipation felt over the last month replaced by the complacency of having to wait another year.

Our WHers already got our christmas gift from CCP, with a new exceptional core opened with another 150k crokite with only one sleeper BS, so we’ve been busy. Ironically, we’ve got something like 300 units of compressed ABC and haven’t been able to find an exit remotely close to highsec.

Personally, I blame the new WH and its static C6, but then again, this WH also has 80% bonus to remote reps and capacitor recharge, so I’m not complaining. As much as I usually would.

Since we weren’t able to get enough ore out for my plex due date, I buddy programed a third account so I could get a third Zephyr along with my thirty days. I just hope I can get an alt out of the WH long enough to contract it before the account runs out or January 6th comes around. Both accounts have had three day or more skills trained, mining director IV and Bistot processing IV, respectively

Christmas presents are all wrapped, and given to close friends and family; far friends and family still a problem tho; ironic in this information age of instantaneous conversations.

So, in closing, fly safe all of you, especially my family far away, my friends far away, in Eve and not, who probably don’t want their names mentioned, or maybe do, I’ve sworn off Eve for christmas eve and day for family time.

Fly safe, and to those who know what it means:

Merry christmas to the implant guy;

Merry christmas to the agnostic;

Merry christmas to the tall one;

Merry christmas to the cuban;

Merry christmas to the forgotten lover;

Merry christmas to the exchange student;

Merry christmas to the little germ;

Merry christmas to the elderly farm man;

Merry christmas to the elementary schoolteacher;

Merry christmas to AP theory;

Merry christmas to the Mathematic god;

and Merry christmas to “Please don’t hit me”

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