6 Comments on “Multiple Personalities”

  1. Bel Amar says:

    You don’t need to activate warp and scoop as quickly as you can. You align as you described, then manually set your speed to 75% of top speed. Scoop your loot, and then when you press the warp button, you’ll warp instantly. It means you don’t have to time things so carefully with your scooping back, but you can still get out of dodge the second he starts to lock you

  2. kyvon says:

    everyone forgets…
    just fit 2 stabs…
    sure they can say youre weak for using them, but youre a carebear afterall, what else can you lose? 🙂
    i got out of a 0.0 bubble camp AND a random gank by 30 pirate gang (all in BS) in lowsec by using an Impel (+2 warp strength) and 2 WCS and a 4x Inertia Stabs.

    • miningzen says:

      I guess trying for the most possible ore at the risk of being killed is risky, but what can I say? I like risks. And if you managed to get through a bubble being guarded, I’m either seriously impressed with you or seriously laughing at the gatecampers who couldn’t web you before you could get out of the bubble.

  3. New Eden Explorer says:

    Having an alt was something I figured out pretty ealy on in my Eve career, and it was a hauling alt to be rid of the flippers. But as my main progressed I started getting into many instances, and many time where my alt’s sub ran out, that I didnt need him anymore. Anyways I had started a 3rd alt on the same account for Science and Industry, while my main trained for Combat.

    I hate to say it but my main is not specialized in any form of the word. He knows a bunch of this, and some of that, while my S&I alt has no idea how to operate a weapon. However it is amazing how well the two actually work together in the game. And despite their differences, I would not be able to achieve some of the things I do, as easily without the alt.

  4. Chris says:

    actually why set it to 75%, go past the can, swing around set top speed and align, by the time you reach the can your at 100% drag and drop and spam that warp button, i tend to use my alt to do it, nothing like a can flipper getting flipped by a guy thats not in my corp or his lol

  5. Borg Stoneson says:

    Damn 4 mutliboxes? I can barely keep up with three.

    I wouldn’t be were I am now without my alts, if only I could make enough ISK to keep them in plexes.

    And yeah having a three way argument with yourself can be fun.

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