Experimenting with T2 Production

I’ve decided to try my hands at Tech 2 production. I trained up three alts with Laboratory Operation V, Advanced Laboratory Operation IV, Science V,  ‘Beancounter’ Implants,  Mass Production V, Advanced Mass Production IV, and numerous Science skills in order to start on this endeavor.

Tech 2 production is much more complicated that Tech 1. With Tech 1, you can produce your item with minerals. Tech 2 involves moongoo, PI items, Morphite,  and an invented Tech 2 Blueprint Copy. Yes, yes, there are Tech 2 Blueprint Originals – we’re not getting into that conversation.

I plan on purchasing the Advanced Materials and producing Tech 2 Components. After some shopping in Jita, I ended up with a nice stock to start my production line.

I purchased a lot of BPOs for ships, drones, and general popular ship modules. After some reading, I decided to setup a Large POS with around 9 Labs. I have a mixture of Mobile Laboratories (1 Copy, 3 ME, 3 PE, 5 Invention) and Advanced Mobile Laboratories (3 Copy, 2 ME, 2 Invention).

I wanted to be able to keep track of how each item was performing because Invention success is random. I discovered that the API item “completedStatus” gives a 0 for a Invention failure and a 1 for a successful T2 BPC.

After creating some logic for the job result, I now have a nice section in my wallet manager program to track Invention jobs.

Next up is to create a page in my wallet manager that can report on the profitability of Tech 2 items as these values fluctuate with the prices of moon products.

Wish me luck. I would love to hear any tips from fellow Industrialists.