Operation Upgrade Eve Machine

First up on the upgrade list is the replacement of the mechanial drive that runs Windows and common program files with a SSD. In the August issue of Maximum PC, they conveniently reviewed two drives. The Sandisk Extreme 240GB and the OCZ Vertex 4 256GB were compared with the Vertex model scoring higher at the cost of more money.

I’ve decided to perform a clean install of Windows 7 64-bit rather than go through the backup/recovery process. I was also thinking of moving the Eve client to the SSD but it seems that there is little benefit to that.

…as a few have stated the SSD’s can help with loading times. internally we what we call a “perforce” client which is a client we run directly from our perforce server (source code repository). this doesn’t run from stuff files, so we have to use the OS’s filesystem more than we do with a built client.

not running on SSD’s in this case adds maybe 2-3 seconds on startup or something stupid like that. on a built client, i would be surprised if the different was anything even worth timing.

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Next up on the chopping block is the removal of the aging GTX 260 with a current 6xx series model for silky smooth Eve triple-boxing while trading (overkill).


I spent about an hour trying to flash the drive up to the current 1.4.x firmware from the factory 1.3 as the newer 1.4 firmware has some major speed improvements. The problem was that I was trying to flash using SATA4 and not SATA0 or SATA1. I picked slot 4 because it was easily accessible.