Courier Wrapped Freight Containers

22.2 B hauled in a Tier1 hauler lost to a gank Tornado – stop it. If you need to move high priced items around, you have much better choices:

  1. Use Red Frog Freight to transport your items for you if they are under 1B in value. They have another service group called Blue Frog Freight which can handle more expensive moves.
  2. Use the Corporate Hangars in an Orca to hide the items. Note that with Incursion 1.4, customs officers can scan the corporate hangar. For other players however, they remains unscannable.
  3. Courier wrapped Containers.

My favorite method is to obfuscate your cargo contents by placing the items in a Freight Container and then wrap them in the Courier contract. Ships that scan your cargo will only see the Containers in your Courier contact.

Seeing Containers in a Courier contract does mark you as a target, but since the potential attacker cannot know what exact items are in your cargo, they will have to take a risk. You could be hauling Containers full of other corpmates junk or a shiny new Orca BPO.