Opening Day Skill Trading Jump Activity

With the February 2016  Release 1.0 came the addition of skill trading. Since I’m recording jump activity, I thought it would be neat to see how busy the major trade hubs were on the opening day of the Brainmeat Market(TM) (almost registered tradmark @Lockefox) bazaar.

Data taken from the /map/Jumps.xml.aspx API.

Another item to note is that we also saw an increase in the concurrent player count in Jita to 5,000.


2016-02-10_trade_hub_jumps_168_sample 2016-02-10_trade_hub_jumps_2352_sample

Jita to Amarr Route

2016-02-10_jumps_jitatoamarr_576_sample 2016-02-10_jumps_jitatoamarr_1176_sample

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