Capital Production Paused

After waiting for a few research jobs to finish up, I tore down the Highsec research POS and consolidated all the materials used for capital production. I am not sure about the viability of Lowsec capital production with the upcoming changes in the Crius expansion slated for July 22nd.

Presently I have more questions than answers.

  1. How is the mandated refine differential between High-Low-Null going to affect build prices?
  2. Will Low-Null mining become a profession that can compete with ore import costs from Highsec?
  3. How will the general population buy capitals if the majority of them start to be delivered in sovereign Nullsec space?
  4. Are the logistics of moving compressed ore from Highsec into Low-Null going to be worth the ::effort::?
  5. Will capital prices eventually trend upward due to the lack of construction in Lowsec and cause Lowsec operations to become competitive with Nullsec?
  6. Will Nullsec entities provide protection for large-scale mining operations in their space?
  7. Will a competitive NPC Nullsec-Lowsec market spring up around major construction hubs?

I haven’t had the time or inclination to research these topics in depth; I hope to become motivated when the Crius changes start to hit the test server.




One Comment on “Capital Production Paused”

  1. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    One thing that the actual architects of this mess, the goon economic guys, envisioned is a situation where null sec can build caps at huge discounts over low sec. Demand for low sec built caps will plummet. Low sec cap manufacturers will be supplying to low sec players only, at best. Will the null sec manufacturers be bothered jumping Archon’s and Dreads to low sec zones? Depends on how high the margins are. If they can produce an Archon for 200 million less than a low sec cap manufacturer, will they spend the time and isotopes to position a cyno alt in some low sec area?

    And as for the logistics of moving compressed ore from high sec to null, I doubt they will, once the whole null industry gets rolling. The cartels will start demanding of their rental serfs compressed ore as part of their monthly tithes.

    Null sec manufacturers will focus on the small size / high margin items, like DC II’s, Nano II’s etc, which they can move in bulk in fast moving cloaked blockade runners that can be covop cynoed close to high sec. I really don’t see huge amounts of jump freighters loading up with billions of ISK of items and then slow-boating to high sec hubs, and then returning with compressed ore.

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