Tips for Eve Blogging

Write Towards Your Passion

I’ll be honest, I’m terrible at keeping focus on topics that don’t interest me. Every teacher that I had during my childhood education reported back to my parents that I was performing poorly in history and language related subjects and excelling at the math and science disciplines. If you are forced to write, the good content isn’t going to last and inspiration will be wain. The advice is simple, share what you like to do in Eve even if you think there isn’t an audience for it.

Do you like Lowsec pirate adventures? Do you want to share stories of grifting and chatlogs? Do you want to be a reporter on Nullsec political arcs? Share what you do best. I never thought that people would be interested in economic inefficiencies and production adventures that I do in Eve, but there really an audience for it.

Your Content Will Change

Wormholes, Nullsec, Invention, and Capital Production — I’ve shifted my focus over time and you might too. Don’t be afraid to embrace change.

Write in the Same Voice

I take a simple declarative, fact based approach to my work and that’s how I present it. There are some other blogs that write in the voice of an evil pirate or personal narrative from the inner psyche. It doesn’t matter what style you have, just stick to it.

Write in Small Chunks

I never write an entire post in one sitting as I find the quality of my work degrades at tasks that extend past two hours. It may take me a few weeks to get a post out based on how dense the spreadsheet work or research is behind it. Don’t be afraid to have posts that never make it to publication or take weeks to finish. Compose when you are in the mood for it.

Take Time Off

Yes, go outside. Enjoy another hobby from time to time. Eve will be there when you get back and spending time away will give you better perspective on issues. A rule I have with any serious personal or professional relationship is that ‘part of spending time together, is spending time apart’.

Peer Review

If you are fortunate enough to have colleges or industry partners like I have with Raath at and or Lockefox, ask them to read over your content. I am often talking to these two people on Jabber or Gchat a few times a week.

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