Naglfar Bubble

In the Odyssey patch the split weapon system was removed from the Naglfar hull bringing with it increased demand for the Dreadnought hull. Having just come into possession of a ME8 BPO, we quickly put it into production as I knew the demand was going to grow.


What we’ve seen over the past 5 months due to the increased demand was a large increase in the price. Sales have been quick showing that there is a strong demand.

The capital market is quite different than any other market I have worked with. The barrier to entry is high due to the core profits coming from owning a complete set of BPOs, the timescale is measured in weeks due to the building of parts that go into hull construction, and the demand can shift due to a change in popularity.

In contrast to the Cruiser market where a single BPO can make the hull, a unit can be delivered in 2 hours, and almost all of the hulls are in demand, the differentiators set capital production in a league of its own.

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