Cartel on Neodymium and Technetium

Cross Reference

With two major collations forming cartels to control the flow of raw moon materials, I wanted to take my database of moon minerals and cross reference that with sovereignty data to see just how much control each cartel holds on each respective moon type.

Consider these numbers a back-of-the-envelope calculation.

Organizational Review

OTEC: Organization of Technetium Exporting Corporations operated by the CFC.

NOTEC: Neodymium Organized Trading and Exporting Cartel operated by the HBC.


The Numbers

I’m showing that 22.7% of all Neodymium moons are under TEST’s direct control, meaning that the moons are in HBC space. If we expand the coverage to the CFC and their allies, this group has 50.7% of all the moons.

The OTEC grip on Technetium is much stronger, with 81.1% of the moons under CFC and ally control.

Geographically Neodymium is far more dispersed with moons covering 36 different regions. Technetium is mainly concentrated in the North and only spans 23 regions.

tl;dr Charts

CFC’s control over Technetium is much stronger than HBC’s over Neodymium.

technetium_coverage neodymium_coverage

4 Comments on “Cartel on Neodymium and Technetium”

  1. vib says:

    I think EMMA is dead? most recent thing I can find is a 2010 version 1.5…

  2. Deb says:

    NOTEC is an organization between the HBC and N3. And most of the moons are public knowledge so it’s pretty hard to draw quick conclusions. However Neo price in Jita seems to hold strong so it works well apparently.

  3. Stabs says:

    Being chokepoint materials it’s possible that relatively little throttling needs to be done because the demand is inelastic. T2 goods are so fundamental to the way Eve is played that a spike in price will simply means someone rats a bit longer before buying their Vagabond. It’s unlikely for most players that higher prices will see them choose alternative ships. That’s probably even more true for modules and ammo.

    In other words if 80% of Neo is sold and used no matter what then you don’t need to throttle more than 20% to make the market panic.

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