Carrier Runs 1-22


The fruits of our trading operation have seen the growth of a Heavy Industry branch of our operation. The initial ISK outlay to start the operation was high, but our market research proved the venture to be viable.

The Numbers

We have been running for around 25 days and we have sold 22 hulls. So far we have been very pleased with the results and velocity of sales. As expected the Nidhoggur has a smaller margin and velocity when compared to the other racial types.


Heavy Industry

We have reached a point where we can keep all 7 Carrier BPOs in production. Our mineral sourcing, compression, and transport operation has been moving materials along with ease.

An industry goal for 2013 is to expand into Dreadnought production.  We have purchased the Capital Component and Weapon Blueprints. Once they reach acceptable ME/PE  levels, we’ll start to produce Dreadnoughts.


3 Comments on “Carrier Runs 1-22”

  1. Sunat Zero says:

    Congrats, that’s a lot of hulls to make in just 22 days. How do you plan on going into the dreads? Seems they are quite long to research. Or do you plan on working from BPC’s?

    • Raath says:

      Blake treated me to a full ME nag and rev BPO set so just waiting for the seige array, hardpoint and gun BPOs to reach minumum and it’s a simple matter of purchasing the extra mins. We estimated we can kick out 2-3 of each dread per month. Buying the extra mins is simple now we have our logistics and compression in place.

      Hopefully we’ll add a moros to the mix soon.

  2. shadeface says:

    ‘m just drooling as an industrialist. gratz !

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