Retribution Hangar Change

“Fleet hangars will now behave like normal cargo hold when it comes to ship scanners and loot drops (ie, will be scannable, and loot will drop from them)”

Looks like the high value ‘stealth’ hauler Orca will be a thing of the past. May the loot fairies have mercy on you.

2 Comments on “Retribution Hangar Change”

  1. evehermit says:

    I had been wondering what the details would be. It seems somewhat complicated – the requirement for the pilot to use containers to protect items they don’t want to share with the fleet. Why not just have a public and a private hanger division? While I am disappointed to lose my safe transportation option with the Orca, I think overall it isn’t a bad thing as far as the game is concerned. I wouldn’t mind container / rig / module options that reduce the chance of your assets being scanned though.

    • Bede says:

      ive always wanted a scrambler / mod that could give false readings, in some cases you can send out a few ships, with supposed shineys inside them but instead they carry metal scraps,, and have the real ship with loot in it show up with metal scraps when scanned.

      I think the suggested mod should even out the field, as there should be a viable counter to cargo scanning. and there should be a viable tactic to bait would be suicide gankers.

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